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Sonett Eco Cleaning Products


All Sonett eco cleaning products are backed by the ECO GARANTIE, promising use of raw materials from certified organic cultivation, no genetically modified enzymes and optimal biodegradability. For added peace of mind, the Sonett EcoControl label guarantees no petrochemical or part-petrochemical tensides or preservatives and electrical energy and heating from 100% regenerative energies.


For all household cleaning and washing, trust Sonett eco friendly cleaning products like Dishwashing Liquid Calendula, unaffected by water hardness and with extracts from Calendula blossoms. For machine washing, try Sonett Dishwasher tablets containing sodium carbonate, silicates and sulphated castor oil. These tablets will remove even the most stubborn of stains.


From the Sonett laundry range, give your clothing and linen a pure, clean feel with this environmentally friendly cleaning product, Laundry Liquid Lavender, that’s suitable for all textiles.


To thoroughly clean all surfaces in the home, try the Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner. Gives a squeaky clean shine to small glass surfaces such as panes, mirrors, and counters without leaving any streaks. For a fresh and clean bowl use the Sonett Toilet Cleaner.


Remember to take care of your personal hygiene with the Sonett range of soaps and bubbles, like the Hand Soap Rose, a liquid soap with a lovely warm fragrance, which is gentle on your hands and body. Kids can have fun with Bio Bubbles. Explore all of Sonett’s environmentally friendly cleaning products to find the perfect cleaning and personal care product for you.


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