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Organic Cotton Face Compress Pack (80x80cm) includes Bath Essence 10ml

Dr. Hauschka natural and organic skin care, NATRUE certified

Dr. Hauschka truly natural and organic botanical beauty products, NATRUE certified. Clean beauty since 1967. Extensive range of skin care and natural make-up products. Body care products include premium care for hands, nails and cuticles, feet and legs, deodorants, after sun care, intensely aromatic body oils, hair care, bath and shower care.

Organic Cotton Face Compress Pack (80x80cm) includes Bath Essence 10ml


Organic Cotton Face Compress Pack (80x80cm) includes Bath Essence 10ml


This naturally soft muslin compress is easy to use for daily cleansing, make-up removal and when using face masks.

Machine wash prior to initial use.

100 % organic hand-picked cotton, unbleached.

Size: 31.5 x 31.5 in

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The first step in a Dr. Hauschka Skin Care regime

Hydrating your skin prepares it for cleansing so that impurities are easily removed, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated. This kit contains an 80cm square Organic Cotton compress cloth along with a Bath Essence Trial Size 10ml.


1. Fill a basin with warm water.
2. Add 1 cap full of the Bath Essence (or your any Dr. Hauschka Bath Essence of choice).
3. Fold the compress cloth and place in the water.
4. Squeeze out excess water and wrap the cloth over the whole face.
5. Gently hold your hands along the jaw line, then up over the eye and forehead area.

6. This action stimulates the lymphatic system which is very important for healthy skin.

7. Hold the cloth on the face for 30 seconds, while inhaling the aroma that is released.

8. Repeat this process 3 times before cleansing.

Tips To melt away the tension of an aching neck, swirl a few drops of Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence into a basin of hot water, wring the compress and apply it still warm to the back of the neck.

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Organic Cotton Compress Cloth

“Using a Compress brings life to the skin, you’ll notice the difference with your cleansing, it leaves you with much clearer, softer skin”.

~ Fay Brander, Store Manager at Discovery Centre Rozelle

We recommend you ‘Compress & Hydrate’ prior to cleansing, why?

  1. Because the technique relaxes your skin and softens pores which prepares it for deeper cleansing.

  2. Impurities are easily removed, leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed and rejuvenated.

  3. You will also use your cleansing products much more economically on hydrated skin.

  4. You'll find your skin feels so much cleaner and softer once you put this in place as part of your daily skin care rituals.

  5. Aromatic benefits from incorporating Dr. Hauschka Bath Essences, and taking a moment to smell the roses, or whichever bath essence you choose for your mood.

TIP: If you have oily/blemished skin we highly recommend using Sage Purifying Bath Essence.