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Speick Pure Deo Stick 40ml

SPEICK natural cosmetics

Speick products are the only products in the world to contain the unique Speick extract.Depending on the product, valuable Speick extract is combined with a variety of other ingredients. All Speick products contain Speick extract, and we are the exclusive worldwide manufacturer.Speick is still harvested by hand, as it has been for centuries. For the alpine farming families with harvesting licenses, the Speick harvest is an important additional source of income in what is otherwise a frugal alpine existence. Fair trade has always been a matter of course for us from the beginning.

Speick Pure Deo Stick 40ml


Speick Pure Deo Stick 40ml


For effective, long-lasting freshness, 100% free from aluminium salts, fragrances and alcohol.

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100% free from aluminium salts, fragrances and alcohol. Effective, active deodorant principle with long-lasting effect. Binds and neutralises odours that have already developed. Especially suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Deo Stick that glides on like a roll-on, comfortable application

  • Highly effective natural deodorant

  • Suitable for everyone

  • For home, holiday, sport or gym bag, your everyday essential

  • Does not contain aluminium salts

  • Does not contain synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives

  • Free from silicones, parabens and mineral oils

  • Gluten and lactose free

  • Vegan

  • Dermatologically and allergologically tested

  • With the harmonising extract of the high alpine Speick plant

Unit: 40 ml

COSMOS Certified natural cosmetics: 100% free from aluminium salts, synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives, silicones, parabens and mineral oils. 99.8% natural origin of total. Gluten-and lactose-free. Dermatologically and allergologically tested.

Why PURE? 

Daily showering and bathing plus regular shaving or waxing places ever-increasing demands on our skin. Often, the body‘s own protective mechanisms are not enough to protect our skin from external influences. In particular, the delicate skin of the armpits is extremely sensitive and may react to fragrances, preservatives or alcohol, for example. This causes irritation and, as a result, requires the use of special products. Sweating is one of the body’s natural and important protective mechanisms. Deodorants are indispensable in everyday life to help avoid unpleasant odours from the outset. With the Speick PURE Deo Stick this is entirely possible – without the use of any additives. It is ideally suited for all skin types including sensitive skin. Speick PURE Deo Stick has a completely unique deodorising principle. In addition to its long-lasting results, it binds and neutralises odours that have already developed and does so without the use of any alcohol or aluminium salts. Fragrances have been deliberately and completely omitted. It provides the perfect care for sensitive underarm skin with the harmonising extract of the high alpine Speick plant. 

Ingredients (INCI)

Propylene Glycol


Sodium Stearate


Sorbitan Caprylate

Zinc Ricinoleate

Valeriana Celtica Extract

Poria Cocos Extract

Phragmites Kharka Extract

Salvia Triloba Leaf Extract

Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate